Watchback enables you to record all visits to your site and watch them later, so you can monitor the visitor’s behavior and see exactly what users are trying to find, and the way they use your site, so that you can make appropriate decisions to improve their experience and increase revenue. In this article we will explain how to use the application after installing it.

I assume in this article that you have previously installed the application and you already have access to it. Otherwise, we have an article in this regard:

Application interface

Watchback is easy to use, on the left there is the list of recorded sessions, including key information such as session time, length and visitor’s country. Sessions are loaded automatically as you scroll down.

Below the list of sessions, there are statistics to help you get a general idea on your site. Then on the right there is the session player, when you choose a session from the list, it plays automatically on the player.

Also, note that there is an icon in the top right to zoom in on the player and watch the session in full screen. Also when the session is running, icons will appear at the bottom right of the page showing the visitor’s browser and his operating system.

Application settings

The settings screen gives you the following options:

Enable/disable recording: If you disable recording, new sessions on your site will not be recorded until you activate recording again.

Data retention period: Recordings take up disk space on the server. You can keep recordings for a limited period of time from one day to one year. If you have a lot of disk space on the server, you can keep your recordings for a long time, but if space is limited, we recommend keeping them from one to three months. The application automatically deletes records older than the selected period.

Language: You can change the interface language from here. By default, the application takes your browser’s language. For example, if your browser is in Arabic, then Watchback will be loaded in Arabic by default, until you change it manually via this option. If your browser is in a language not supported yet by Watchback, English will be loaded as the default language.

Embed code: This code needs to be added to every page you want it to be recorded on your site, it must be added just before the closing head tag of your site “</head>”. Please read more about this topic in the following article: How to link Watchback to my site.

Change password: If you want to change the password you use to access the application, you can do so through this option.

Activation code: You can change the activation code here, if it is wrong the recording will not work and sessions will not be displayed and played.

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