Synctrackinginfo app, or tracking data synchronizer. It is an app that sync shipping tracking information between Shopify store and Paypal account. This application is a fateful solution for e-stores, because Paypal requires sellers to enter tracking numbers for all transactions, and failure to do so inevitably leads to the suspension of the Paypal account on the grounds that your transactions are not reliable and there is no evidence that you are actually shipping orders.

Since we have personally experienced e-commerce, and we know that manually adding tracking information to every sale is a waste of time and effort, we have seen the need to create a Synctrackinginfo app that monitors all of your orders on your store and takes tracking information (tracking number, carrier) and automatically sends it to Paypal.

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Platform: Shopify & Woocommerce

Mandatory for Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is considered as a high-risk trade by all payment processors (payment gateways), such as Paypal, TouchCut, Stripe..

Thus it is possible that your accounts will be frozen at any time due to the claim of doing high-risk trade. The solution is building trust between you and the payment gateway, starting with setting up the tracking information as soon as any order is shipped, which gives confidence that you actually ship all of your orders and thereby avoids the risk of closing your account and freezing the balance.

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