Watchback enables you to record all visits to your site and replay them later, so you can monitor the visitor’s interactions with your site, their reactions, know what confuses them and what interests them, from that you can make appropriate decisions to improve their experience and raise sales. In this article we will explain how you can install Watchback application on your server using Cpanel.

Create a subdomain for the application

Watchback does not work well if it is installed on a subfolder URL, rather, it should be installed on the root of a domain or on a subdomain. For example, if your site is “”, you should install Watchback on a subdomain such as “”. It will not work well if you put it on “”.

In order to create a subdomain, open your Cpanel control panel and select Subdomains menu under Domains section.

Enter your domain’s information, in our example, we want to add Watchback to For that, we have filled the following information:

In “Document Root”, set the folder path where Watchback application files will be uploaded, it could be any path on your server below “public_html”.

Upload files

Log into your server via an FTP client such as FileZilla, and upload the Watchback zip file you downloaded upon purchase, to the path you specified during the creation of the Subdomain above.

Now log into the server via SSH and go to the path where you uploaded the zip file and unzip it with the following command:


If you see a message saying that an .htaccess file already exists, do you want to replace it, choose Yes. The files will be extracted like this:

Create the database

A database must be created before installing the application. On the Cpanel control panel, open “MySQL Databases” menu.

Then choose a name for your database, like “watchbackdb”.

Also create a user and link it to the database you created, in “Add user to database” section:

Install the application

On your browser, enter the domain’s link you created, in our example it was:

A setup page will be shown, enter database information you created previously, then choose your admin password, you will be asked for this password to access the application, also enter the activation code you got after purchase:

Click on “Test Connection” button to verify that data is correct, then click on “Install” button.

After installation is complete, you will be taken to login page, enter the password you chose during installation and you will be redirected to the app’s main screen.

Now you’re ready to use Watchback. Here are some important links:

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